Our Team

  • Bret Colman

    A transplant from sunny Ventura, CA, Bret is a newbie to the coffee world. After discovering a  passion for coffee during his college years, he decided to try his hand at roasting and landed at Zen Café, where he’s thrilled to help bring you delicious, responsibly sourced coffee. He also likes dogs.

  • Gopikrishna Kunanayagam

    Focusing primarily on travel photography, Gopi is an award-winning photographer who has shot origin trips for Zen Café since 2012. His work has been featured on the cover of Edible Michiana, and he recently won the 2015 Oregon Coffee Board Award for Best Professional Photo in the Farming category. More of his work can be found on his website.

  • Kelly Stombaugh

    Kelly Stombaugh is a South Bend native and has had an extensive background in the Visual Arts with a BFA in Printmaking. When she's not creating art, she spends her time dancing her heart out or reading a good book. She is currently working toward an MFA in Printmaking at Louisiana State University.

  • Shaun Maeyens

    Shaun has been in the coffee industry for nearly 14 years and is as just as passionate about coffee as he was the first day he walked behind the espresso machine. He started home roasting 12 years ago and fell in love with the craft. The rest is history.